Mike's Comics and Games hosts many regularly-scheduled events in the store. Check the calendar for dates and times.


Mike's Comics and Games is the place to be every Friday night to hang out and play Magic: The Gathering. Come out and make some new friends and do battle in the world's most popular trading card game! We host a weekly tournament and hang out after to play casual and Commander.

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In a world where evil cults conspire to take over the world, dragons raise up and pillage towns, demons rampage across the land spreading their evil, and where the giants have become restless and destroying everything in their path, who will rise to the challenge and save the world from such evil?

In Dungeons and Dragons, you become the heroes that take up arms against the forces of evil trying to destroy the world. Your character embarks in epic adventures to seek out fame and fortune. Track down a dragon to its lair and slay the mighty beast. Search an ancient dungeon for a powerful magic item that has been lost to antiquity. Discover long forgotten secrets that unlock untold power.  Where will your story lead you?  You decide!

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Game Day!

One of our most anticipated events, every third Saturday of each month is Game Day. This is your chance to try out some great games and meet some fellow gamers. Games will be played from the time the shop opens until Mike kicks us out in the early morning.

The family-friendly party-like atmosphere is the perfect setting to play games you know, or to learn brand new games.  We are always willing to teach games to new players and want everybody to have a good time.

We have a selection of games for the entire family, from young children to adults.  There is something here for everyone! We hope to see you there!

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Organized Play


Game Day

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