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Forum Rules and Regulations
« on: October 04, 2017, 01:40:30 PM »
Welcome to the discussion boards for Mike's Comics and Games! To make the boards as fun and enjoyable for all, we ask that you read through and agree to the following rules:

General Rules

  • Do not flame or belittle others for their opinions. We may not agree on everything and everyone has their own opinions, but let's keep it civil. Tasteful debate is encouraged. Please do not turn it into personal attacks or flame wars.
  • Do not use bad or offensive language here. There may be youngsters here, and we would like to keep it family-friendly.
  • Please do not back seat moderate. If you notice a post that is offensive or otherwise does not fit our guidelines, please bring it to a moderator's attention.
  • Keep the conversations on-topic.  Posts that are off-topic will be moved to the appropriate section or deleted at the moderator's judgement.
  • Do not bump or resurrect threads that are more than  30 days old.
  • Posts in the nature of "this my my 100th post" or other posts that serve no purpose than running up the post count will not be tolerated.
  • No spamming or trolling of the board. Violators will be banned on the first offense. There will be no tolerance for this behavior.
  • Please refrain from starting a discussion aimed at a specific member. These are best handled through private messages
  • Before starting a discussion, make sure that it has not been discussed in the past. The forum software has a search feature that is helpful in this regard.
  • Messages posted express the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of Mike's Comics and Games or the moderators of this forum
  • The use of copyrighted content that does not fall under fair-use will be removed.
  • After you register, you can complete a detailed profile. It is your responsibility to maintain the profile and any vulgar or offensive information will be removed.
  • Please note that with each post, your IP address is recorded. Also note that the software places a cookie in your browser's cache.  This is ONLY used to keep you logged in/out.
  • Moderators reserve the right to edit, close or delete any thread or post without warning or explanation.
  • Members who select to violate any of these regulations will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. The moderators of these forums reserve the right to define “appropriate”. This includes, but is not limited to, posting restrictions, account suspensions and permanent bannings.

  • Please refrain from posting any spoilers from any book, movie or TV show for at least 48 hours after its release.
  • Please indicate in the subject line if there are spoilers in the post for any of the following:
    • A book that has been released within the past three months
    • A movie that is still being played in theaters in the US.
    • An episode of a TV series is from the current season. Spoilers must be indicated for two weeks after the season/series finale.
  • Official spoilers that are released to the public by the content creators do not require the use of a spoiler tag.
  • Unofficial leaks of any kind are not allowed and will be removed.